Schools Plus Competition

Schools Plus Competition

Results of the 2019-20 Prize

Very many congratulations to the winners of the 2019-20 Plus Schools' essay competition. Winners will be publicly announced and congratulated during the online Gresham Meeting on 21 October 2020, and recieve their prizes by post.

11-15 category

First prize essay

Genius of the East, The Discovery and Application of Trigonometry, by Reyan Saeed, Chigwell School, Essex

Runners up essays

How can mathematical concept discovered years ago make a significant impact on our lives today? by Alisha Ahmed, Chigwell School, Essex

The Amazing Mathematical Concept of ‘Nothing’, by Anisa Rynne, Calthorpe Park School, Fleet

Pascal’s Triangle: An Extraordinary Number Pyramid, by Siri Padmanabuni, Hutchesons’ Grammar School, Glasgow

16-19 category

First prize essay

Godel’s Proof, by Beatrice Bannister, The Henrietta Barnett School, London

Runners up essays

Prime numbers and their application to asymmetric cryptography, by Ishan Nathan, Royal Grammar School, Guildford

Guns, Nations, and Science: How Ballistics has Shaped Our World, by Andrew Lee, Westminster School, London

The Significance of Chaos Theory in Economics, by Helen Chigladze, St Mary's School Ascot

The weighted influence of Chaos Theory, and its role in bringing mathematics to all disciplines, by Mohammed Islaam, The University of Birmingham School

Details of the 2020-21 competition will be announced here in due course

Previous years' winners

2018-19: Madi Scott, from Greenhead College Huddersfield, for an essay entitled A Proof of Euclid of Alexandria’s importance and influence within the field of Mathematics. No further prizes were awarded this year. 

2017-18: Pippa Wakelin from Kendrick School in Reading who won in the 11-15 category for her paper on the History and Uses of Infinity and Charles Austin, from Norwich School in Norwich, who won in the 16-19 category for his paper on Calculating Risk: Where would we be without the mathematics of risk?

2016-17Nicholas Munro (age 11-15  category) of the Sackville School, Kent, for an essay entitled A brief exploration of mathematical modelling, and Dougal Houston (age 16-19 category) of Godalming Sixth Form College, Surrey, for an essay entitled The pioneers of mathematics and where we would be without them.

2015-16 BSHM Schools Plus Competition was won by Chiara Falls, from Guildford UK, for an essay entitled Discovering Links Between Maths and Architecture. Chiara was presented with her prize at the BSHM meeting at Birkbeck, University of London on 21 May 2016.