Welcome to the British Society for the History of Mathematics

Welcome to the British Society for the History of Mathematics

The British Society for the History of Mathematics exists:

  • to promote and encourage research in the history of mathematics and the dissemination of the results of such research;
  • to promote and develop for the public benefit, awareness, knowledge, study and teaching of the history of mathematics;
  • to promote the use of the history of mathematics at all levels in mathematics education in order to enhance the teaching of mathematics for the public benefit.

Upcoming Events

Sat 27 February 2016
Shulman Auditorium, The Queen's College, Oxford
Wed 9 March 2016
School of Mathematics' Alan Turing Building, Manchester University.

From our Twitter feed

February 10
Claude Navier (1785-1836) of Navier-Stokes eqns, worked on engineering, elasticity, fluid mechanics, born 10 Feb https://t.co/QUwpAXu7Z3
February 9
Nevil Maskelyne (1732-1811) measured the Earth's density in a famous experiment at Schiehallion, died 9 Feb https://t.co/yPpp6YQ5mj
February 8
Daniel Bernoulli (1700-1782) worked on basic properties of fluid flow, pressure, density & velocity, born 8 Feb https://t.co/UohMtx5E30
February 7
G.H. Hardy (1877-1947), worked in number theory & analysis, wrote A Mathematician's Apology, born 7 Feb https://t.co/qA2HyZpXWu
February 6
Nicolaus(II) Bernoulli (1695-1726) "made important contributions to the problem of trajectories", born 6 Feb https://t.co/VT6zvcv9Z0