Welcome to the British Society for the History of Mathematics

Welcome to the British Society for the History of Mathematics

The British Society for the History of Mathematics exists:

  • to promote and encourage research in the history of mathematics and the dissemination of the results of such research;
  • to promote and develop for the public benefit, awareness, knowledge, study and teaching of the history of mathematics;
  • to promote the use of the history of mathematics at all levels in mathematics education in order to enhance the teaching of mathematics for the public benefit.

Upcoming Events

Mon 29 May 2017
Andrew Wiles Building, Radcliffe Observatory Quarter, Woodstock Road, Oxford OX2 6GG
Sat 24 June 2017
Rewley House, Oxford.

From our Twitter feed

April 25
Felix Klein (1849-1925), whose Erlangen Program worked on geometry & group theory, famous for a bottle, born 25 Apr https://t.co/JX4UQGMKcg
April 24
Xu Guang-qi (1562-1633) made Western mathematics available by translating works into Chinese, born 24 Apr https://t.co/ioSQzpPaIq
April 23
Max Planck (1858-1947) initiated study of quantum mechanics with research into black body radiation, born 23 Apr https://t.co/UUXhZbHM2y
April 22
Wilhelm Schickard (1592-1635), who invented a calculating machine before Pascal, born 22 Apr https://t.co/KTl1Uzhgvz
April 21
Michel Rolle (1652-1719), of Rolle's theorem, was born 21 Apr https://t.co/y4X5qlRVpj