Welcome to the British Society for the History of Mathematics

Welcome to the British Society for the History of Mathematics

The British Society for the History of Mathematics exists:

  • to promote and encourage research in the history of mathematics and the dissemination of the results of such research;
  • to promote and develop for the public benefit, awareness, knowledge, study and teaching of the history of mathematics;
  • to promote the use of the history of mathematics at all levels in mathematics education in order to enhance the teaching of mathematics for the public benefit.

Upcoming Events

Thu 27 October 2016
Gresham College, Barnard's Inn Hall, Holborn, London EC1N 2HH
Sat 3 December 2016
Birmingham and Midlands Institute, Margaret Street, Birmingham, B3 3BS
Sat 18 February 2017

From our Twitter feed

September 29
Adriaan van Roomen (1561-1615) calculated pi to 16 decimal places using Archimedes' method, born 29 Sep https://t.co/dSdcCLt75J
September 28
John Leech (1926-1992) known for the Leech lattice, important in the theory of finite simple groups, died 28 Sep https://t.co/yl2FRLPQwS
September 27
Hans Hahn (1879-1934) worked in calculus of variations, best remembered for the Hahn-Banach theorem, born 27 Sep https://t.co/bxyMWlGfsl
September 26
Jurij Vega (1754-1802) made tables of logarithms and trigonometric functions, died 26 Sep https://t.co/4kbdMQofs2
September 25
George Salmon (1819-1904) made discoveries about ruled surfaces and other surfaces, born 25 Sep https://t.co/yLizXLASmi