Welcome to the British Society for the History of Mathematics

Welcome to the British Society for the History of Mathematics

The British Society for the History of Mathematics:

  • promotes and encourages research into the history of mathematics and the dissemination of the results of that research;
  • develops awareness of the history of mathematics for the public benefit; and
  • supports teachers and lecturers at all levels of mathematics education to incorporate the history of mathematics into their teaching, enriching their students' experience.

Upcoming Events

Sat 16 February 2019
The Old Museum, Belfast,
Sat 23 February 2019
Shulman Auditorium, The Queen's College, Oxford
Sat 18 May 2019
Birkbeck College, London

From our Twitter feed

January 17
Francis Galton (1822-1911) worked on statistical correlation and regression, died 17 Jan https://t.co/capCjWNunD
January 16
Thomas Clausen (1801-1885) worked on pure mathematics, applied mathematics, astronomy and geophysics, born 16 Jan https://t.co/lywN57pLHd
January 15
Sofia Kovalevskaya (1850-1891) "made valuable contributions to the theory of differential equations", born 15 Jan https://t.co/xZUW4sxFOK
January 14
Charles Dodgson (1832-1898) aka Lewis Carroll, was a mathematics lecturer and author, died 14 Jan https://t.co/SCn5loW979
January 13
Karl Menger (1902-1985), most famous for the Menger sponge, born 13 Jan https://t.co/GQBJ6NW2DO https://t.co/YcQwRhKA1n