Research in Progress 2019

Research in Progress

Research in Progress 2019

Saturday 23 February 2019 - 10.00 to 17.00
Shulman Auditorium, The Queen's College, Oxford

A link to the full programme (including abstracts) can be found at the bottom of this page.

To register for this meeting via Eventbrite, please click here.  If you would prefer to pay the registration fee by cash or cheque on the day of the meeting, please contact the organisers to register your intention to attend (for catering purposes).

10:00 - Registration and coffee

10:20 - Welcome

10:30 - Brigitte Stenhouse (The Open University): ‘Sometimes right and sometimes wrong’: The Early Mathematical Publications of Mary Somerville

11:00 - Michael Chalmers (Sorbonne Université): Georges Bouligand’s Concept of Direct Methods in Mathematics

11:30 - Kevin Tracey (London Science Museum & Swansea University): Calculating Value: Exploring the Use, Collection, and Afterlives of Early Modern Mathematical Texts

12:00 - Lunch

13:30 - Kevin Baker (Oxford University): How To Read A Book You Don't Understand: John Locke's Commonplacing Routine and his Reading of Isaac Newton's Principia Mathematica

14:00 - Joseph Bennett (Institute of Technology, Carlow): Henry Smith and the Arithmetical Theory of Forms

14:30 - Nicolas Michel (Laboratoire SPHERE; Université Paris-Diderot/CNRS): Lost in Translation: On the Rewritings of Chasles’ Theory of Characteristics (1864–1880)

15:00 - Kamilla Rekvenyi (St Andrews University): Paul Erdős’ Mathematics as a Social Activity

15:20 - Refreshment break

15:50 - Niccolò Guicciardini (Università degli Studi di Milano): Anachronism(s) in the History of Mathematics

17:00 - Close of meeting