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Re-Reading the Torah, 5783! Another Calendrics Blog Post

First Posted Monday, November 21, 2022 / Yom sheni, 27 Cheshvan, 5783.
David Orenstein, Emeritus, Danforth CTI, 
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

            On a Sunday evening, about a month ago, (October 16, 2022 / Yom sheni, 22 Tishrei, 5783), I went to synagogue in-person (but masked) to join our observance of Shemeni Atzeret and the celebration of Simchat Torah.

The Research in Progress Call for Papers is now available. RiP is an annual meeting of the British Society for the History of Mathematics.

The Accessibility and Diversity Working Group has published a set of guidelines for BSHM members who wish to improve the accessibility and diversity of their actions.

The Hirst Prize and Lectureship is intended to recognise contributions to the history of mathematics. Nominations are open for 2023. For more details and the form, go to