HiMEd Awards in the History of Mathematics

HiMEd Awards in the History of Mathematics

The BSHM HiMEd Awards sponsor the popularization of the history of mathematics in education. Information on the current award holders can be found on the Current Lecturers page. 

The BSHM has appointed three HiMEd Lecturers for 2023–24: Deborah Kent, Peter Rowlett; and (continuing) Ciarán Mac an Bhaird. 

Up to four awards of £400 can be made each academic year. Awards are renewable annually up to a maximum of 5 years. 

Holders of the HiMEd Award will be expected to give at least two free talks at schools, or other appropriate venues in the UK and/or Ireland, on topics in the history of mathematics, and to produce at least four digital resources for use in the promotion of the history of mathematics in schools. These resources will be placed on the BSHM website. Examples of these resources might be short (5-10 minute) videos; pdf classroom resources; or software-based demonstrations using software such as Desmos or Geogebra. They can be related to the in-person talks, or on different topics.

Contact details of each HiMEd Award-holder will be given on the Society website, and promoted widely throughout the UK and Ireland school sector, with interested schools or other venues being invited to contact the Award-holder directly. 

Up to four awards may be made each year, with the aim of ensuring a wide geographical spread across the UK and Ireland.

Current HiMEd Lecturers

The BSHM has appointed four HiMEd Lecturers for 2023–24: Deborah Kent, Steve Russ, Peter Rowlett; and (continuing) Ciarán Mac an Bhaird. Information can be found on the separate page: https://www.bshm.ac.uk/himed-current.

Previous HiMEd lecturers

Michael Barany (2021–2023)