Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR), a law with effect from 25th May 2018, requires all UK Societies, Charities, Companies and other Organisations who keep personal information about their members and supporters to account for their privacy procedures, and to obtain written consent from those members and supporters to store and use that information. The EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) additionally applies similarly to such Societies with members in the EEA (European Economic Area).

This Privacy Statement explains what personal information we hold about you, why we hold it, how we share it, how we obtain it, how we protect it for you, how long we keep your data and how we remove it, and how you can access or correct your information or have it removed from our files if you so wish.

What information we hold:

We hold the following information about BSHM members: Title, Name, Postal address, Email address, Telephone number, Year of birth (if under 25 years old). For members who pay their subscriptions by Direct Debit we also hold Bank or Building Society name and address, branch sort code, account name and account number. For competition entrants we also hold name and address of School attended (Schools Plus Competition), and University/College name, Title of degree (Undergraduate Essay Prize). For Grant Scheme applicants we also hold name and contact details of the Referee.

Any information supplied by you to other agencies (such as PayPal or Eventbrite) when paying membership subscriptions or booking online to attend BSHM or non-BSHM events is subject to the Privacy Policies of those agencies. Such agencies may store your data outside the United Kingdom.

We may occasionally collect additional information from members regarding protected characteristics, such as age, gender, ethnicity, and disability ("protected personal data").  

Why we hold this information:

The information we hold enables us to communicate with you by post or by email. It enables you to receive BSHM journals (printed and electronic) and e-Newsletters, and the journals of other organisations according to the selections you made when you applied for BSHM membership. For members who pay their subscriptions by Direct Debit the information we hold enables your payments to be processed.

Protected personal data will used solely for the purposes of monitoring the Society's standards of Accessibility and Diversity and to ensure that event attendees have their requirements met. It will be collected anonymously, available only to BSHM Council and then only in aggregated and anonymised form, except where specific provisions are required for event accessibility. 

How we share this information:

We share your personal information only with trusted third parties. 

We share your Title, Name, Postal address, Email address, Telephone number and Year of birth (if under 25 years old) with Membermojo Ltd., an organisation that provides online membership administration to clubs, societies and charities, and through whom your data is collected and stored. Membermojo enables members to join, renew membership and maintain their own details online. It also distributes group emails, such as e-Newsletters, to the membership for us. Your data is stored and managed by Membermojo according to their Privacy Policy.

We share your Name, Address and BSHM ID No with the publisher Taylor & Francis to enable them to send you the BSHM Journal. For those members wishing to access the BSHM Journal electronically, we share your email address with Taylor & Francis. For those members also subscribing to Historia Mathematica (publ. Elsevier) and/or requiring reciprocal membership of CSHPM (Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Mathematics), we share your Name, Address and BSHM ID No with those organisations; CSHPM also receive your email address. This information supplied to Taylor & Francis and to Elsevier is protected by them according to their Privacy Policies.

Your personal information may be transferred, and stored and processed, outside the United Kingdom if you have chosen to subscribe to Historia Mathematica or to take reciprocal membership of CSHPM.  We ensure that measures are in place such that it is managed in compliance with UK Data Protection Law.

We do not share any other information we hold about you, including protected personal data.

How this information is obtained:

The information we hold about members is obtained from the BSHM Membership Form you completed when applying for or renewing your BSHM Membership. The online form is supplied and administered by Membermojo Ltd., while a paper form may be completed by those who do not have online access. The information we hold about grant applicants or competition entrants is obtained from the application/submission form you completed when applying/entering.

Protected personal data is gathered through the text you enter in the "Specific accessibility requirements" field in event registration forms, and through special–purpose demographic questionnaires. These latter will be clearly marked as such when sent to you.

How this information is protected:

The information we hold about you is stored by Membermojo Ltd. on their secure servers:  all servers and backups are hosted in secure UK facilities. Security and access controls are provided by Membermojo for your data. In the unlikely event of a data breach, the member concerned will be notified immediately.

Protected personal data is held on the BSHM website, hosted by Bytemark, and is not backed up to any other location. It is stored only in anonymised form. It may be downloaded and processed by the Web Admin temporarily in order to perform aggregation. Once this is complete, the non-aggregated data is deleted from all locations. 

How long we keep your information:

We keep your information for as long as we need it for the purposes for which it was collected. If your membership ceases, owing to your resignation from the Society or non-renewal of your annual subscription, then we shall delete your information from our database. There is one exception to this: we will keep your name and the dates during which you were a member of the Society indefinitely, for reasons of creating a historical record. If you entered a competition or applied for a grant, then we shall delete your information from our database once the award process has been completed.

If you request us to remove the information we hold about you, then we will do so. However, we shall then be unable to communicate with you or to send you the journals that you have subscribed to.

Protected personal data will be stored in non-aggregated form only for as long as is necessary to aggregate the data. It will then be removed.

How your information is removed:

If your data has to be removed from our database it will be deleted securely and permanently.

Links to other websites: 

We may provide you with links to other websites. We cannot be held liable to you for any issues arising in connection with their content, services or use of your information. We recommend that you review the Privacy Policy on each website in order to understand how they might process your data. 

Lawful basis for processing:

We are required to obtain your written consent as a lawful basis to hold and to use your personal information to communicate with you. Consent for children must be given by the child’s parent or custodian. This consent must be explicit for the data collected and the purposes the data is used for. We seek this consent from you on the Membership, Prize and Grant Forms. Only on receipt of your consent can we continue to communicate with you. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time, using our website Contact form:

Protected personal data surveys will require informed, opt-in consent at time of gathering. You may contact us to withdraw your personal data any time before the data is aggregated, after which point it will not be possible to separate your specific data for removal. 

Your rights:

You have the right to see copies of the personal information that we hold about you. You also have the right to ask us to stop or limit the processing of your data, to correct or update your data, to transfer your personal data from one electronic processing system to another, or to delete your data. In such cases we will ask for proof of identity before passing on any information to ensure your confidentiality. You can submit a request to us using our website Contact form: