‘Mathematical Biography: A MacTutor Celebration’

‘Mathematical Biography: A MacTutor Celebration’

Friday 16 September 2016 (All day) to Saturday 17 September 2016 (All day)
St. Andrews University, Scotland

 Full details including programme, venue, registration, call for papers and contact  information at  www.mcs.st-and.ac.uk/mathbiog/

Talks will take place between mid afternoon Friday 16th September and mid afternoon Saturday 17th September. There will be optional workshops in the University Special Collections, and walking tours of sites of history of mathematics and science interest on Friday morning and early afternoon. On Friday evening there will be a wine reception and buffet supper followed by some entertainment yet to be confirmed.

Confirmed speakers include:

Steven Skiena (Stony Brook University, USA), author of Who's Bigger and leader of PeopleSimilarity.

Dagmar Mrozik (University of Wuppertal, Germany), the Jesuit Science Network, a biographical database.

Edmund Robertson (St Andrews University), originator, author and developer of MacTutor.

Sydney Padua (independent), award winning graphic biography of Ada Lovelace.

Henrik Kragh Sørensen (Aarhus University, Denmark), biographical representations of Abel.

Graham Farmelo (Cambridge), award winning biographer of Paul Dirac.

Kris Grint (St Andrews University), crowdsourcing in the Transcribe Bentham project.

Eva Kaufholz (Johannes Gutenberg University, Germany), discussion of the varying portrayals of Sofya Kovalevskaya.

Philip Beeley (Oxford University), mathematical culture in Restoration England; Early Modern Letters Online.

Richard Simpson (BSHM), travels with MacTutor.