Marriages, Couples, and the Making of Mathematical Careers

Marriages, Couples, and the Making of Mathematical Careers

Thursday 29 April 2021 (All day) to Friday 30 April 2021 (All day)
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This workshop proposes to explore the role of marriage and other domestic partnerships in the lived practice and constructed memory of mathematics.

Abstracts are available on the conference website

Provisional Programme (as of 5 April 2021):

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All timings are given in British Summer Time (UTC+1). Talks will last around 20 minutes and will be immediately followed by a Q&A, with an extended plenary discussion to conclude the workshop.

29th April

1.00PM    Introduction and welcome: David Dunning & Brigitte Stenhouse

1:15PM    "For Better or For Worse": The Mask of "Marital" Collaboration in the Sciences: Don Opitz, DePaul University & Brigitte Van Tiggelen, Science History Institute

2.00PM    Break

2.15PM    "You must also count the woman, even if it is only due to the man": Mathematicians' Wives and the Construction of Bernhard Riemann's Lebenslauf: Jenne O'Brien, Princeton University

2.45PM    John and Eliza Ware Rotch Farrar: Two Careers Amid Sickness and Health – But Mostly Sickness: Amy Ackerberg-Hastings, MAA Convergence

3:15PM    Caroline of Brandenburg-Ansbach and the Leibniz-Clarke-Correspondence – Leibniz’ friend, student and impartial critic: Charlotte Eckert, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz

3:45PM    Break

4:30PM    Augusta and Dorothea Klumpke – Toward an interdisciplinary comparison of career opportunities for married female mathematicians and physicians during the long 19th century: Eva Kaufholz-Soldat, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt

5:00PM    The Odd Couple: Danny Beckers, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

5:30PM    Break

5.45PM    "She makes her own dresses": Patterns of partnership for some Oxford computing pioneers: Ursula Martin, Oxford Maths & Edinburgh Informatics

6.15PM    Queer relationships and mathematicians’ archives: Describing the Dorothy Bernstein and Geraldine Coon Papers: Elliot Williams, University of Miami

6.45PM    The problem and probability of marriage among lady mathematicians in Progressive Era America: Jemma Lorenat, Pitzer College

7.15PM    Conclusion of talks on Day 1

8.00PM-9.00PM    Conference “dinner” (for informal socialising)

30th April

11.30AM-12.30PM    Conference “breakfast” (for informal socialising)

1:00PM    Grace Chisholm Young, William Young and the division of laurels: Patricia Rothman, University College London

1:30PM    Hilda Geiringer and Richard von Mises: A married couple of pioneers of modern applied mathematics: Reinhard Siegmund-Schultze, University of Agder

2:00PM    Break

2:15PM    Paul Dubreil and Marie-Louise Dubreil-Jacotin’s early professional years : What impact has a marriage between two mathematicians had on their respective careers?: Simon Decaens, Independent

2:45PM    Marriage, mathematics and poetry: A story of collaboration in mathematics from 1930s Nepal: Deepak Basyal, Coastal Carolina University

3:15PM    Alicia Boole and Walter Stott, a match made in logic: Moira Chas, Stony Brook University

3:45PM    Break

4:30PM    Social integration process of an Italian living in Paris: Geneviève de Laistre and Giovanni Domenico Cassini professional career in France: Dalia Deias, Ehess-Centre Alexandre Koyré

5:00PM    Astronomy as a family enterprise in Early Modern Europe: Isobel Falconer, University of St Andrews

5:30PM    Break

5:45PM    Plenary Discussion

6:45PM    Conclusion of workshop