Maths and Money: From Gold to Bitcoin

Gresham Lecture

Maths and Money: From Gold to Bitcoin

Wednesday 21 October 2020 - 16.00

Lecturers will deliver their lectures to camera in Barnard’s Inn Hall. Lectures will be live-streamed at the time of filming, using a system which allows for questions from the online audience, and lecturers will be able to address questions just after their talk. 

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Depending on government guidance on mass gatherings, Gresham may be able to phase in a limited in-person audience with social-distancing measures implemented. We'll keep you updated about that possibility.

Outline programme (timings to follow):

  • Norman Biggs (LSE): Thomas Harriot on the Coins of England
  • Andrew Lewis-Pye (LSE): Cryptocurrencies: Protocols for Consensus
  • D'Maris Coffman (UCL) Gresham Lecture: The Colour of Money: Reserve Currencies in the Era of Fiat Money