Research in Progress

Research in Progress

Research in Progress

Saturday 25 February 2023 (All day)
The Queen's College, Oxford

Research in Progress is an annual meeting of the British Society for the History of Mathematics. It provides an opportunity for research students in any area of the history of mathematics to present their work to a friendly and supportive audience.

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10:00–10:20 Registration 10:20–10:30 Welcome

10:30–11:00 KATE HINDLE University of St Andrews, Ancient Greek Impact on D’Arcy Thompson’s Mathematics

11:00–11:30 PARISA KHARAZMI Universidade de Aveiro, The Heptagonal Triangle: On the Crossroads of Constructive and Algebraic Geometry

11:30–12:00 Refreshment break

12:00–12:30 MIREIA MARTINEZ I SELLARES Utrecht University, Affinities and Discrepancies: Euler and Möbius on Affine Figures

12:30–13:00 MEGAN BRIERS University of Cambridge, The Value of Women as Observers in the 1870 Eclipse Expedition

13:00–14:00 Lunch in the Magrath Room

14:00–14:30 TOM HEDLEY Trinity College Dublin, Transforming Empty Spaces: Modern Mathematics, Metamorphosis and “die neue Frau” in Mela Hartwig’s Bin ich ein ü​berflussiger Mensch? (1931)

14:30–15:00 ATLE BJARNE HÖHNE Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg, Big Mathematics: CFSG and the Discovery of the Modern Sporadic Simple Groups

15:00–15:15 Comfort break

15:15–15:30 ZAKKAI GORIELY, University of Oxford (BSHM Undergraduate Essay Prizewinner), British Mathematical Reformers in the Nineteenth Century: Motivations and Methods

15:30–15:45 PATRICK BURCHELL Birkbeck University of London, Archimedes: On the Equilibrium of Planes

15:45–16:00 HOLLY MIDDLETON-SPENCER University of Newcastle, Circulation of Mathematics in French Salons

16:00–16:15 EMMA BAXTER University of St Andrews, Soviet Mathematics Textbooks as a Reflection of 1930s Stalinist Culture

16:15–16:45 Refreshment break

16:45–17:45 ISOBEL FALCONER University of St Andrews, Invited lecture: The Development of Curve Plotting: The case of J. D. Forbes (1809–1868)

17:45 Close of meeting


If you are concerned that there may be barriers to your taking part in this day, please get in touch with the BSHM Meetings Co-ordinator at

Unfortunately it is not possible to offer hybrid attendance at this meeting. For anyone who cannot attend in person and would like to be emailed a link to a livestream of the event please contact Mate Szabo at There will be a slight delay on the stream so while you will be able to watch the talks it will not be possible to ask questions during the Q&A. You are welcome to submit your questions and email address to the organisers and we will make sure they make it to the speakers. The videos of the talks will not be recorded or made available after the event.