RiP 2021

Research in Progress

RiP 2021

Saturday 27 February 2021 (All day)

The Research in Progress meeting 2021 will take place online. 

Main speaker: Prof. Clemency Montelle University of Canterbury, New Zealand  

Registration details coming soon.

Provisional Programme (subject to change):

09:15–09:30 SARAH HART, BSHM President: Welcome

09:30–10:30 CLEMENCY MONTELLE, University of Canterbury, New Zealand, Invited lecture: An Ocean of Knowledge: Exploring the History of Mathematics in India

10:30–10:45 Break

  • 10:45–12:15
  • ALISON MAIDMENT, The Open University: ‘An unparalleled spring of knowledge’: Edmund Taylor Whittaker as a Historian of Science
  • BRITTANY CARLSON, University of California, Riverside: Math Anxiety (Re)mediation Practices of the Nineteenth-Century Mathematician
  • PAUL FELTON, The Open University: The Popularisation of Mathematics in Britain during the 19th Century
  • NATASHA BAILIE, Queen’s University, Belfast, BSHM Undergraduate Essay Prizewinner: Quantifying the Unquantifiable: The Mathematicisation of Philosophy during the Scottish Enlightenment

12:15–13:30 Lunch break, Zoom break-out rooms to be available 12:45–13:15


  • BENJAMIN WILCK, Humboldt-Universit¨at zu Berlin: The Order of Definitions in Euclid’s Elements
  • MEREDITH HOULTON, University of St Andrews: Navigating Euclid: A Table from William Sanders’ Elementa Geometriae
  • ELENA SCALAMBRO, Universit`a degli Studi di Torino: Gino Fano’s Contribution to the Classification of a Special Class of Threefolds

15:00–15:30 Break, Zoom break-out rooms to be available


  • DOMINGO MART´I NEZ VERD´U, Universidad de Murcia: Use of Infinity in the Calculation of Logarithms. The Analytical Procedures in Works by Benito Bails (1731–1797)
  • ANUSHA BHATTACHARYA, Chennai Mathematical Institute, India: Generalized Theory of measures: An Attempt to Unite Contrasting Notions of Sizes
  • KEVIN BAKER, University of Oxford, Mathematics and Certainty

17:00–17:30 Break

17:30–18:30 History of Mathematics Quiz