Peter Rowlett—HiMEd Lecturer

Peter Rowlett—HiMEd Lecturer

A man in a black jumper and glasses stands smiling next to a whiteboard and projector screen. The whiteboard has hand-drawn mathematical objects and the projector pre-rendered diagrams.

Peter Rowlett grew up in a village near Nottingham and fondly remembers visiting the science centre at Green's windmill as a child. He has degrees from both Nottingham universities, and now lives in Nottingham and teaches mathematics at Sheffield Hallam University. Peter is a sometime-guest on BBC Radio, a podcaster and blogger on mathematical topics, and a columnist at New Scientist ('Mathematics of Life' column). He has taught history of mathematics since 2015 and has worked with school audiences since 2009.


Peter is using the opportunity of the HiMEd lecturership to work with Green's Windmill Trust to develop Key Stage 3 opportunities linking mathematics with local history and culture in Nottingham. He is also able to run workshops on broader history of maths topics at schools in Nottingham and Sheffield and will travel to surrounding areas.

Nottingham-focused topics - example titles:

  • History of mathematical physics in Nottingham (featuring George Green and Albert Einstein)
  • History of mathematics and computing in Nottingham (featuring Ada Lovelace)
  • George Green's mathematical influences in 19th century Nottingham

General topics - example titles:

  • Could you be a codebreaker? Bletcheley Park and World War II cryptography
  • The 4,000 year interaction between puzzles, games, and maths
  • Unplanned impact: maths topics with applications that would surprise the mathematicians involved

Please contact Peter on to discuss ideas for engaging with the history of maths in your school.